Terms of Trade

Introduction:The following are the Terms of Trade for Tobruk Sheep Station and Tobruk Sydney .
Inclusions: Please see our Experiences for further details.
Pax Numbers: Flexibility exists to cater to individual client needs and group numbers as required. For exclusive group bookings a minimum dollar sum is required and please refer to our rates sheets for details.
Operating Hours:Open every day (except Public Holidays and Exclusive Events) 8.30am – 10.30pm by appointment subject to availability. Note Earlier starts or later finishes can be negotiated by prior arrangement to fit with specific group requirements.All guests are required to arrive at least 10 mins prior to the scheduled start time.
FOC Policy:The Tobruk FOC policy is 1:20 for both day and evening programs. Kindly note, FOC is applicable only where a genuine guide or escort is accompanying the group and may include teachers, accompanying carers or hosts, tour operator staff or VIP’s.For groups of less than 20 pax, Tobruk may grant FOC status to an accompanying guide or escort depending on special circumstances.
Guides:All non-English speaking groups will require guides capable of translating throughout the program. Tobruk has guests from all over the world and does not have the capacity to have multi-linguists on staff for translation purposes. Tobruk can provide a written script as needed. A translator can be booked upon request.
Age Limits: Tobruk is appropriate for all ages. In terms of show prices, the following age limits apply:

  • Child = under 15 years
  • Concession/Student = 15 to 17 years old or valid student/seniors card holder
  • Adult = 18 years and older


Groups:Groups can book Tobruk programs as a standard Day or Evening Program or on an Exclusive Use basis. Guests need to be aware that if Exclusive Use is not chosen, Tobruk reserves the right to accept other bookings on the same day.
Booking Process:
  • Please refer to our book now button
  • Please note: All changes and alterations to bookings are required in writing via email. Telephone confirmations and requests will not be accepted.


Guaranteed Minimum:
  • A final guaranteed number of guests attending an Exclusive Event is required by midday, seven (7) days prior to an Exclusive Event.  For Weddings, $7,500 is the minimum charge applicable and final numbers must be confirmed 30 days in advance of the wedding date and numbers cannot be reduced beyond the confirmed number at the 30 day mark.  Charges will be based on the guaranteed minimum number or final head count, whichever is greater.


Payment Terms:Payment terms are as follows:

Standard Program:

  • Payment required on booking – refer our book now button

Exclusive Use Program:

  • 20% Deposit for Exclusive Use
  • 70% is required a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the event
  • Balance – 7 days prior to event


  • $500 of 20% deposit held as non refundable booking fee (7 day cooling off period)
  • 20% deposit payable to secure booking date
  • Deposits cannot be refunded after 60 days of receipt of deposit payment
  • Balance of payment payable 30 days prior to wedding date (final payment is non refundable)
Cancellation Policy:Exclusive Use Program

  • Notice of sixty (60) days or more: Providing there are no costs incurred, no cancellation fee will apply.
  • Within sixty (60) days: Subject to 20% cancellation fee of estimated total revenue of the event cancelled.
  • Within thirty (30) days: Subject to 50% cancellation fee of estimated total revenue of the event cancelled.
  • Within fifteen (15) days: Subject to 80% cancellation fee of estimated total revenue of the event cancelled.
  • Within seven (7) days: Subject to 100% cancellation fee of estimated total revenue of the event cancelled.


  • Up to 50% of deposits (in excess of the $500 booking fee) may be refunded (subject to costs incurred) up to 60 days from receipt of payment of deposits. Deposits cannot be refunded after 60 days of receipt of deposit payment and cancellations charges apply within 60 days of the wedding date as per Exclusive Events listed above
  • $500 non refundable booking fee will be incurred

Standard Booking

  • Within seven (7) days: Subject to 100% cancellation fee of estimate.

Note : 20% Deposits will be required for advance bookings where Tobruk is asked to hold specific dates for clients 3 – 24 months ahead of the planned program.

Force majeure cancellations will not incur cancellation fees.


Time on Site:
  • All quotes are based on time frames specified on our Experience pages.


Food and Beverage:
    • Tobruk provides quality Australian, country style meals using the freshest produce sourced locally from reputable suppliers.
    • Tobruk can provide vegetarian, Halal and other speciality choices by prior agreement. Additional charges may apply depending on the meal chosen.
    • For exclusive events final confirmation of food and beverage selections and event schedules must be received in writing fourteen (14) days prior to an event.
    • For wedding events final confirmation of food and beverage selections, event schedules and table plans must be received in writing thirty (30) days prior to an event.
    • Guests are not permitted to consume their own alcohol brought onto the property. Failure to comply may result in removal from the property.


Bar FacilityTobruk operates a licensed bar during all programs and practices and takes seriously the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Beverage packages are purchased on the basis that the bar operates only during and for the duration of the meal service, which is typically one hour. Extended bar service can be provided by prior arrangement for an additional charge provided guests are dining at the venue. For each additional hour of service over and above the selected package, an additional charge of approximately $15 per person will apply depending on the beverage package selected. 
Activities:Tobruk aims to provide a safe and secure environment for all guests and insists on adhering to safe working practices in everything that it does. The following safety procedures are in place:

  • Guests may only use whips and boomerangs after the demonstration has been given and safety briefing issued.
  • Guests must always wear the approved safety glasses provided when using whips. .
  • All guests engaging in the boomerang throwing activity must maintain visual contact with boomerangs, while they are in flight, at all times.
  • Guests may not conduct these activities after consuming alcohol.
  • Where guests have small children in attendance, it is their responsibility to ensure the children are safe at all times and under supervision.
  • Working dogs and horses are present on the property at all times. All guests are recommended to keep a safe distance and follow instruction from any Tobruk staff member at all times.
  • Guests who do not follow these safety procedures may be asked to cease the activity.

Rice and Confetti must not be thrown at weddings as it can be dangerous if consumed by farm animals. Cleaning charges apply if condition breached.

Noisy cans and bottles must not be tied to bridal cars

Wedding decoration and set up must be coordinated around existing programs. Out of hours set up may be arranged with security levies at $200 / hr applied

Damage to property will be charged if necessary


Refusals:Tobruk reserves the right to refuse any person, for whatever reason, participation in a program, at Tobruk’s absolute discretion, whether or not that person has already purchased a show or program ticket.
Entertainment and Optional Packages:All entertainment and optional packages are booked by Tobruk from its list of approved and accredited suppliers. This includes musicians, entertainers, theming, catering, additional equipment and facilities. In the event that an ITO requests to book any of these options directly, and not through TOBRUK, a base levy dependant on requirements will be charged to cover liaison, management, set up / pack down and provisioning for external suppliers. Additionally:

  • Final confirmation for any hire of equipment is required 14 days prior to the event.
  • External entertainment/contractors may require deposits or full payment prior to event.

Noise restrictions are in place for the property and must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Weather:Wet Weather : The Tobruk program can be run in wet weather. All activities, displays and demonstrations can be observed from under cover areas. While the whip cracking and boomerang throwing displays can be viewed from under cover, it is up to guests whether they choose to engage in the whip cracking and boomerang throwing activity in the rain.Wind : In times of strong or extreme wind conditions, Tobruk reserves the right to cancel the boomerang throwing activity to ensure the safety of staff, guests and livestock.Hot Weather: In times of extreme heat conditions, Tobruk reserves the right to amend any program element considered necessary.
Fire Restrictions:In extreme circumstances, Tobruk may have to conform to local fire restrictions and therefore may not be able to offer a camp fire during the billy tea and damper program. Advance notice may be provided to clients and alternate arrangements made, wherever possible.
Forced Closure:In the event of bushfire’s, storms or other extreme circumstances (including changes to Council Consent Conditions) Tobruk reserves the right to close the property to ensure the safety of all guests, staff and livestock and to ensure compliance with authority requirements.

Tobruk also reserves the right to cancel events if the property changes legal ownership or is subject to foreclosure requirements.

Forced cancellations will not incur cancellation fees.

CapacitiesDrovers Camp: (Semi Covered)
  • Semi Covered
  • The drover’s camp can seat up to 200 guests around the campfire
  • Microphone and speakers available
  • Extra hay bales can be brought in at cost for seating and theming
  • Contains horse yards and stables
  • Drovers camp kitchen – powered and suitable for entertainment


 Function Centre
  • Licensed facility
  • Round tables with table cloth and dried flower centrepiece
  • Tables seat 8 – 10 pax per table
  • 200 pax seated – no dance floor
  • 180 pax seated with dance floor
  • Marquees available for larger groups
  • Long rectangular tables available for hire
  • Non smoking area around woolshed and function centre
  • Music available
  • Gifts and souvenir shop available
  • Bar
  • Farm memorabilia
  • Self serve tea and coffee point


 Shearing Shed
  • 200 pax seated in tiered seating
  • Room for up to 6 wheelchairs
  • Non smoking area
  • Microphone and speakers available
  • Shearing Boards (stage) capable of handling entertainment options such as Aboriginal dance, band, workshops, key-note presentations, wedding ceremonies etc


  • 80 pax seated on balcony under wide bullnose verandas
  • 200 pax standing
  • Extra hay bales can be brought in at cost for seating and theming
  • Microphone and speakers available
 Restaurant Balcony
  • Wide covered veranda overlooking the Blue Mountains
  • Natural overflow area from the dining room
  • Non-smoking area
  • 150 pax standing
  • Up to 60 pax seated


 Outdoor Amphitheatre
  • Natural grassed slope facing due West, overlooking large entrance dam and beautiful Australian bush.
  • Suitable for large events and outdoor entertainment


  • Large country homestead with central dining room and lounge room, full kitchen and bathroom with shower and bath.
  • Sleeps 11
  • Three double bedrooms
  • Kids bunk room with 5 beds plus cot
  • Quality linen, blankets, pillows provided
  • Wrap around balconies with BBQ and outdoor setting. Air conditioning and heating.


  • Ladies = 5 x cubicles
  • Gentlemen = 3 x urinals and 2 x cubicles
  • Extra toilet / washroom facilities can be booked at an extra cost
  • Wheelchair access toilet x 1


  • Set amongst 150 acres of mostly cleared, grass covered terrain with gullies and natural water courses situated around the fringes
  • Property faces West over the world famous Blue Mountains


Photography:Tobruk has the authority to use and reproduce any photograph or video taken of guest at Tobruk for any purpose, without prior notice or payment of compensation to that guest.
Company Details:Tobruk Sydney is the Trading Name of Tobruk Pastoral Company ABN39 585 853 906
Insurance:TOBRUK currently holds public liability insurance for $10,000,000. Important Notice: All visitors to the property hereby indemnify Tobruk Pastoral Company T/A Tobruk Sydney, in respect of any claim or compensation sought by the visitor while on the premises.
Program Itinerary:







Visitation Risk Warning, Waiver and Indemnity:

Standard itineraries for the Day or Evening Show are noted on our Experience pages. Please note that flexibility exists to start earlier, finish later or amend the times or order in which activities are conducted to meet with specific client requirements subject to availability and by prior arrangement. Once itineraries are confirmed, Tobruk will not entertain changes requested by guides on the day of the show.

Please ensure that all guests keep noise to a minimum outside normal show periods. The Visitor accepts that excessive noise could result in removal from the property.

The Visitor commits to reimburse the Provider for any damage to the property caused by the Visitor



Provider: Tobruk Pastoral Co Pty Limited ACN 128 925 860 trading as Tobruk Sydney in its own right and as agent for Cowdroy Property Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 68 124 925 113 trading as Tobruk Sailing Charters

 As part of your agreement with the Provider and in consideration for your visit to Tobruk Sheep Station and Pittwater Sailing Cruise (if applicable), you (including your friends, associates and family accompanying you) agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Definitions:
    • Claim means and includes any action, suit, proceedings, claim, demand, damage, penalty, cost or expense however arising from or in connection with any Recreational Activity but does not include:
      1. a claim against the Provider by any person expressly entitled to make a claim under an insurance policy held by the Provider; or
      2. a claim against the Provider under any right expressly conferred by the Provider’s constitution or regulations.
    • Property means 5050 Old Northern Rd, Maroota, NSW known as Tobruk Sydney.
    • Recreational Activity means services provided by the Provider including a visit to the farm at the Property and participation in various activities at the Property and Pittwater Sailing Cruise (if applicable).
    • Risks means differing situations while you are undertaking an activity that could be harmful to you, including the actions, omissions or negligence of the Provider or third parties which may result in personal injury or death.
  2. Risk Warning

The Provider (including its employees, contractors and agents) warns the Visitor (Visitor includes friends, associates and family accompanying the Visitor) whose signature appears below, and the Visitor acknowledges that:

  • Undertaking the Recreational Activities can carry Risks.
  • The Visitor is warned of the Risks associated with the Recreational Activities;
  • Because of the Risks, the Visitor will be exposed to the possibility of injury even if he/she acts safely whilst undertaking the Recreational Activities.
  • The Provider attempts to supervise activities during normal show periods however this, in no way, mitigates the Risks.
  • By signing this form you agree that you undertake the Recreational Activities at your own risk and that these terms constitute a ‘risk warning’ in accordance with the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW).
  • Liability that arises from the Risks or the breach of any express or implied warranty that any services will be provided by the Provider with due care and skill in relation to the Recreational Activities is hereby excluded.
  1. Waiver

The Recreational Activities are recreational services for the purposes of section 139A of Competition and Consumer Act (2010). You acknowledge and agree that in relation to the supply of the Recreational Activities to you, you waive your right to make any Claim in relation to, and the Provider excludes and will not be held liable for, your: (a) death, or (b) physical or mental injury (including the aggravation, acceleration or recurrence of such an injury), or (c) contraction, aggravation or acceleration of a disease, or (d) the coming into existence or the aggravation, acceleration or recurrence of any other condition, circumstance, occurrence, activity, form of behaviour, course of conduct or state of affairs in relation to you that (i) is or may be harmful or disadvantageous to you or to the community or (ii) that may result in harm or disadvantage to you or the community.

  1. Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by the laws of Australia, the Provider’s liability arising under or in connection with this agreement is limited to the re-supply of the products or services or the payment of the cost of re-supply of the products or services to you and the liability of each party to the other in contract, tort (including negligence, breach of statutory duty or misrepresentation) or for any other common law or statutory cause of action or otherwise arising by reason of or in connection with the visit to the Property shall be limited to one hundred percent (100%) of the monies paid or payable by you pursuant to these terms and conditions and no liability in tort, contract or otherwise will be actionable after twelve (12) months from the date of your visit to the Property.

  1. Statutory Guarantees

Other than as allowed by the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) set out above, you are entitled to certain statutory warranties and protections pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) and the Australian Consumer Law. Nothing in this waiver operates to exclude, restrict or modify any provision of the Competition and Consumer Act (2010), the Australian Consumer Law or any equivalent State or Territory legislation.